Course curriculum

    1. Podcast formats and styles and topic structure

    2. ‍Interviewing and researching and creating a script.

    3. The technical gear

    4. Software and Editing

    5. Releasing your first episode on This is HCD

About this course

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  • 5 lessons

What you will learn

New voices. New perspectives.

Class 1

Getting up to speed. Podcast formats and styles and topic structure. Selecting a name and understanding your market and audience. Defining goals.

Class 2

Interviewing and researching and creating a script.

Class 3

Let's talk about the gear. I have bought and sold hundreds of euro of gear. Don't make the mistakes I have made. I will show you the pieces you need to get started, and where you can invest strategically over time. How to ge the best quality audio every time.

Class 4

Software and editing. How to go about this and how you can get ahead of 99% of podcasts on the market by streamlining your processes.

Class 5

Releasing on This is HCD. Promoting and distributing across Spotify, Apple, Google and beyond.

Gerry Scullion

About this course

Why it's so important

This course is in prototype phase. As a result, we are looking for a selection of people who are looking to elevate their voices in the crowded space online. Podcasing for me, has been incredibly powerful and has allowed me to connect and speak to a global audience for over 5-years. I want to share this audience with new voices, and nurture new voices to grow independently. I'm calling this course 'Launchpad' as a result.

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