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    1. Welcome to the Trauma Informed Design Essentials course!

    2. Introductions and hopes for the course

    3. Structure: how this course will work

    4. Before we begin...

    5. Say hello and connect with this and other Trauma Informed Design Essentials cohorts

    1. Listen to "Exploring What it Means to be Trauma Informed in Design" on the Bringing Design Closer podcast

    2. Watch Rachael's talk from the Doing Design Festival in February 2022

    3. Read Tad Hirsch's paper: "Practicing Without a License: Design Research as Psychotherapy"

    1. Live session recording from September 7

    2. Slides and additional files from the live session on September 7

    1. Before you go...

    2. Get your certificate!

    3. Continue the conversation about Trauma Informed Design

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